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Wed Oct 27 15:21:44 UTC 2010

#9154: [MythMusic] Music stops when changing track
     Reporter:  Sander Knopper      |       Owner:  paulh     
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 Hi all,

 The current trunk has this problem for some time.

 When playing a song in MythMusic everything goes fine, but the moment the
 track is changed from one to another sometimes the music stops. That
 means, the audio is gone and there is a "ALSA: buffer underrun" message in
 the log. The timer in MythMusic keeps moving though. Then after some time
 or after changing to yet another track the sound is there again. Whether
 the track has changed simply because the end of a track has been reached
 or by hand doesn't matter.

 The problem manifests itself about every 2-3 tracks.

 The computer system running Myth is connected to an amplifier using SPDIF.

 I'm willing to post any other information if necessary.

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