[mythtv-commits] Ticket #9303: Menu wont open in some case with remote control

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Mon Nov 29 07:44:58 UTC 2010

#9303: Menu wont open in some case with remote control
 Reporter:  deivis.treier@…                |            Type:  Bug Report      
   Status:  new                            |        Priority:  minor           
Milestone:  unknown                        |       Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  0.24-fixes                     |        Severity:  medium          
 Keywords:  menu, remote controll, remote  |   Ticket locked:  0               
 I'm using Antec Veris RM200 remote control with Mythtv. In MythVideo (also
 during video playing), MythGallery and Main menu pressing menu button on
 remote wont open menu correctly. Sometimes menu only appears for less than
 second and disappears. Pressing "M" key on keyboard opens menu correctly.

 Under MythMusic menu opens also correctly with remote control. I'm
 analyzed remote control signals with irw and all times under MythVideo,
 MythGallery, Main menu or MythMusic irw shows always "2ba395b700000201 00
 KEY_MENU Antec_Veris_RM200".

 Mythtv frontend version is 27299

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