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#9301: Flash player integration for MythNetvision
 Reporter:  Jonatan <mythtv@…>          |            Type:  Patch - Feature 
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Milestone:  unknown                     |       Component:  MythTV - General
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 The attached patches adds playback control of Flash players that have a
 JavaScript API.  Players lacking a JavaScript API should be possible to
 support by sending QMouseEvents, as long as 'wmode' is set to 'opaque' to
 prevent the Flash player from stealing focus.

 Supported sites are Vimeo and Youtube.  Adding support for other sites
 involves creating a HTML file that wraps the respective Flash player's
 JavaScript API, and an update to the grabber to use the MythXML method,
 and replace mythflash:// with http:// in the URLs.

 * mythuiwebbrowser.patch: Adds an evaluateJavaScript(const QString& src)

  It also adds a call to m_browser->hide() in the destructor.  This seems
 to properly return focus back to the main UI which in some cases were

 * mythbackend.patch: Adds a new MythXML method GetInternetContent that
 returns a HTML page for a specific grabber and video ID.  Using file://
 did not seem to work with the HTML files added/modified in scripts.patch.

 * scripts.patch: Adds a method to construct an URL for the
 GetInternetContent method added above.  The patch also adapts the Vimeo
 and Youtube grabbers to use this method, and also modifies/adds HTML files
 that use the respective site's JavaScript API.

 * mythbrowser.patch: Adds a new class MythFlashPlayer that evaluates
 JavaScript in order to control video playback.  Current available controls
 are play, pause, and seek.

  This class is used whenever a URL starts with mythflash://.

 * mythflash.patch: All of the above patches.

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