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#9299: mythfrontend hangs on exit
 Reporter:  michael_zanetti@…        |            Type:  Bug Report      
   Status:  new                      |        Priority:  minor           
Milestone:  unknown                  |       Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  0.24                     |        Severity:  medium          
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 On both of my two frontend machines I cannot exit the frontend. When I
 exit the frontend, the frontend itself closes, but the process still sits
 there around forever.

 The attached log contains the last 20 lines of "mythfrontend -v all" after
 I exited the frontend.

 On one machine I use mythwelcome. If I exit the frontend there,
 mythwelcome doesn't repaint itself because it thinks the frontend would be
 still running. The screen still shows the "confirm exit" dialog not
 reacting to anything. To be able to see mythwelcome again, I have to
 "killall mythfrontend".

 On the second machine, I use ~/.xinitrc to start the frontend in an
 infinite loop with "pm-suspend" so that the machine goes into suspend once
 the frontend has exited. However, because of this issue this will never
 happen until I manually kill the frontend. When I exit the frontend, the
 screen goes black and shows the X-cursor forever waiting for the
 mythfrontend process to exit. Once I kill the frontend, the machine goes
 to suspend and the frontend restarts on wakeup.

 According to the debug output, everything is shut down correctly. The last
 thing happening is mythsocketthread exiting from run().

 This is the output of "ps -C mythfrontend -m" after waiting at least 30
 seconds after exiting the frontend:
   PID TTY          TIME CMD
  9367 ?        00:00:26 mythfrontend
     - -        00:00:26 -

 I have seen this problem already with 0.23-fixes. At that time it happened
 only every once in a while. Now with 0.24, it happens every time I exit
 the frontend. As a workaround, I have added the "Shutdown" option to the
 exit menut and have set up "killall mythfrontend" as the shutdown command
 in the frontend. This seems to do the job, but of course is not the
 solution. Let me know if you need additional informations about my

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