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#9294: SSA/ASS Subtitle support
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 the attached patches should support basic SSA/ASS support

 what isnt supported in this patch(might be more it should have similar
 support as mplayer w/out using -ass in commandline)
 * it ignores all SSA override codes
 * it ignores underline and strike-through in the subtitle styles
 * it ignores the text wrapping setting and wraps them anyway if needed
 * the code only allows for hex colour codes but after rereading the specs
 integer based colourcodes can be used too
 * moving previous subtitles up for new ones and clearing subtitles when
 layer is less then the one being displayed

 using libass instead of these patch would probably support everything if
 you want to do that intead

 the 3rd patch is version 6 and hasn't been tested on my main machine
 yet(adds scalex/y and i think deletes the styles when done previous
 patches can be found on dev list) i recommend going over this patch
 carefully for bugs since i am a self taught programmer and it is the first
 time i have used the QT libary and the mythtv code

 you can find a link to the specs + some more info here

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