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Fri Nov 26 12:50:11 UTC 2010

#9291: OSX Packaging extra copies
 Reporter:  Craig Treleaven <ctreleaven@…>          |            Type:  Bug Report
   Status:  new                                     |        Priority:  minor     
Milestone:  unknown                                 |       Component:  Packaging 
  Version:  0.24-fixes                              |        Severity:  medium    
 Keywords:                                          |   Ticket locked:  0         
 Each of the application bundles built by osx-packager.pl (.24-fixes,
 R27334, 32 bit) are about 85 MB bigger than they need to be.  Each of the
 Frameworks includes 2 copies of the compiled code.  For example, the
 MythFrontend.app/Contents/Frameworks/mythtv.framework/ folder includes the
 11.4 MB binary and then another copy is in
 MythFrontend.app/Contents/Frameworks/ mythtv.framwork/Versions/A/.  I
 believe normally that there should be a _link_ from the top level folder
 to the binary in ../Versions/A/.

 For the 6 application bundles I built (Myth[AVTest | Backend |
 Filldatabase | Frontend | TV-Setup | Welcome]), that is over 500 MB of
 wasted space.  My old .21-fixes applications did not exhibit this problem.

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