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#9109: Wrong end time displayed for MPEG2-TS
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Changes (by beirdo):

  * owner:  beirdo => tralph
  * component:  MythTV - General => MythTV - Video Playback


 Running this file through mplayer shows what seems to be the core of the
 issue:  This file has variable frame rate.  The show parts seem to be at
 24.976fps, and the commercials at 29.97fps.  If you take the total time
 that it should be (3596s) in ratio to what we think it is (2973s), you
 will see:

 2973/3596 = 23.976/29.97 (or fairly close to it).  As our code counts
 frames (accurately) as they decode...

 This is an issue of not dealing with framerate changes properly.  Our code
 is assuming that the framerate will stay constant throughout the
 recording, so it is assuming 29.97fps throughout this file, but the
 recording is at film rate for much of the show.

 I am reassigning this... tralph, if you'd like to send it back to have me
 rework the framerate stuff later, be my guest.  I'm not sure where fixing
 this falls in the priorities, and if you need more details, ping me.

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