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#9266: Aspect ratio detection in MythWeb streaming not accurate
     Reporter:  Daniel Osborne <daniel@…>               |       Owner:  kormoc         
         Type:  Patch - Bug Fix                         |      Status:  new            
     Priority:  minor                                   |   Milestone:  unknown        
    Component:  Plugin - MythWeb                        |     Version:  0.24-fixes     
     Severity:  medium                                  |    Keywords:  flash streaming
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 I noticed the 0.24 release of MythTV included the ability to autodetect
 the aspect ratio of recordings for streaming over flash. However that
 functionality doesn't seem accurate to me at all. I find it's wrong for
 >70% of my recordings.
 The only ones that seemed to work were SD.

 What I would see were two different things:

 1) The aspect ratio of flowplayer would be correct (typically 16:9), but
 the video would play at 4:3. This would leave the flowplayer borders on
 the sides.

 2) Or both aspects would be wrong, and it would all be 4:3.

 I dug in and found out the SQL queries used for getting that information
 would return 0 rows.

 For example, in modules/stream/stream_flv.pl, the 'mark' column in the
 'recordedmarkup' would be 1 on my machine, but the script was only
 filtering for '0'.
 I'm not sure what that field is specifically (I think it's frame

 In modules/class/Program.php it using a completely different SQL
 statement. This particular statement wouldn't always return the right
 aspect (perhaps bug elsewhere in Myth when it's stored). I had a 16:9
 program that stored a value of '14' (which meant 4:3) in the 'type' column
 of 'recordedmarkup', when it should have been '12'.

 Anyway, I have a patch against the 0.24 branch which uses both SQL
 statements to figure out the aspect ratio. This has corrected my issue to
 near 100% accuracy (haven't found any recordings where this doesn't work
 for me yet).

 This also fixes the aspect ratio for the thumbnail images in the
 Recordings page.

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