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Fri Nov 19 18:44:59 UTC 2010

#9262: Video Manager deletes metadata with confirmation
     Reporter:  anonymous           |       Owner:  robertm    
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     Priority:  minor               |   Milestone:  unknown    
    Component:  Plugin - MythVideo  |     Version:  Unspecified
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 I have videos on a server that is mounted over Samba/CIFS onto the
 frontend+backend machine. I added a few extra videos to a folder on the
 main machine, so I scanned for changes using the Video Manager. However,
 the CIFS share was not mounted and the scan deleted the video metadata for
 over 600 videos without any warning. It took me several
 days to set up all that metadata and it was all gone in seconds.

 Please request confirmation from the user before the deletion of
 the metadata. There are many reasons why unconfirmed deletion can
 end in disaster.

 (How's that, Robert? Still "invalid"?)

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