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Fri Nov 19 10:06:42 UTC 2010

#9259: mythfrontend crash
     Reporter:  abitgf4mx440@…            |       Owner:  janne             
         Type:  Bug Report                |      Status:  new               
     Priority:  minor                     |   Milestone:  0.24.1            
    Component:  MythTV - Video Playback   |     Version:  0.24-fixes        
     Severity:  medium                    |    Keywords:  mythfrontend crash
Ticket locked:  0                         |  
 After updating to 0.24 (latest mythbuntu build) mythfrontend crashes when
 playing any type of avi file. mpeg, mkv etc work fine.
 In log:
 /usr/bin/mythfrontend.real: symbol lookup error:
 /usr/lib/libmythui-0.24.so.0: undefined symbol: vdp_device_create_x11
 I do not have vdpau enabled, so I do not understand why it is used.
 Playback profile = CPU++

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