[mythtv-commits] Ticket #9242: [PATCH] Windows OpenGL video playback broken

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Wed Nov 17 15:41:02 UTC 2010

#9242: [PATCH] Windows OpenGL video playback broken
     Reporter:  Lawrence Rust <lvr@…>                 |       Owner:  nigel               
         Type:  Patch - Bug Fix                       |      Status:  new                 
     Priority:  minor                                 |   Milestone:  unknown             
    Component:  Ports - Windows                       |     Version:  Trunk Head          
     Severity:  high                                  |    Keywords:  OpenGL windows video
Ticket locked:  0                                     |  
 On Windows, MythTV has a setting to select OpenGL as the current video
 renderer.  Unfortunately, tv & video playback is broken on my Win32
 systems (Win2k and WinXP with Nvidia GTS 2 Pro graphics) together with
 Wine 1.3.6 and VirtualBox 3.2.10.  The attached patch enables video on all
 these systems.

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