[mythtv-commits] Ticket #9233: Video res. higher than GUI -> video not scaled

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Mon Nov 15 18:56:07 UTC 2010

#9233: Video res. higher than GUI -> video not scaled
     Reporter:  greg                     |       Owner:  janne                 
         Type:  defect                   |      Status:  new                   
     Priority:  minor                    |   Milestone:                        
    Component:  MythTV - Video Playback  |     Version:  0.24-fixes            
     Severity:  medium                   |    Keywords:  video mode, resolution
Ticket locked:  0                        |  
 When I select different resolutions for the GUI (720p) and Video (1080p),
 the video output mode is properly changed during playback, but the video
 itself is not upscaled. I will attach a screenshot and the fe log with -v
 playback. Having such a setup is desirable (for me) to be able to use the
 webbrowser in 720p mode (higher usability of window controls). Also, the
 UI themes work faster on my machine with that lower resolution.

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