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Sun Nov 14 14:28:52 UTC 2010

#9223: Sluggish menu when watching a recording
 Reporter:  glemsom@…          |            Type:  defect          
   Status:  new                |        Priority:  minor           
Milestone:  unknown            |       Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  0.24-fixes         |        Severity:  medium          
 Keywords:  sluggish menu      |   Ticket locked:  0               
 I've recently upgraded to MythTV 0.24 on my mediecenter.[[BR]]
 When I watch a recording (or LiveTV for that matter), all menues are quite
 For example try doing these steps:[[BR]]
 1: Watch a recording.[[BR]]
 2: Hit M to brung up the menu.[[BR]]
 3: Shuffle between the different elements in the menu.[[BR]]

 Though, on everywhere else the menu is quite fast.[[BR]]
 I did not have the same issue with 0.23-fixes.[[BR]]

 System details:[[BR]]
 Render VDPAU advanced 2x (For HD Temporal 2x)[[BR]]
 CPU: E8400  @ 3.00GHz[[BR]]
 GFX: GeForce 9600 GT[[BR]]

 I've tried different themes, and tried non-vdpau renders. But I still have
 the same result. The CPU isn't really doing much when watching a recording
 - and constantly shuffling in the menu does not raise the CPU load.

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