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Thu Nov 11 21:49:26 UTC 2010

#9209: "Always prompt for initial group filter" still shows list of recordings in
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Milestone:  unknown                              |       Component:  MythTV - General
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 As part of the 0.22 to 0.23 change, the behaviour of the "Always prompt
 for initial group filter" (aka QueryInitialFilter) setting has changed.

 With both "Always prompt for initial group filter" (aka
 QueryInitialFilter) ticked, and "Save current group filter when changed"
 (aka RememberRecGroup) ticked:

 Previously, in 0.22, when I entered Watch Recordings, the group filter
 popup would appear, and in the background would be an empty recordings
 list. Only if I picked a group would the list of recordings show up.

 Now in 0.23 as soon as I enter Watch Recordings, the list of recordings
 fills in the background, as well as the group filter popping up in front.
 The list of recordings is from the previous group that was selected, i.e.
 the one that is initially highlighted on the group filter popup.

 I believe this change is undesirable for two reasons:

 1, It is mildly disorientating for the user for a list of recordings to
 appear (even if only in the background) before the user has picked which
 group to view.

 2, More importantly, if the previous group selected was not All Programs,
 but I pick All Programs from the filter, the scroll position of the
 recordings list does not go to the top.

 I quite often check All Programs to make sure all recent recordings in all
 groups have worked OK (I have the most recent at the top), and if the last
 group I was in was not All Programs, at first glance it looks like I have
 had serious problems with no recent recordings appearing, as the list is
 not scrolled to the top.

 Chris Pinkham says:
 > I believe this has to do with the ProgramInfoCache code that
 > Daniel added.
 > If you want to test this theory, edit
 > mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp and search for the
 > following:
 >          else if (message == "UPDATE_UI_LIST")
 >          {
 >              UpdateUILists();
 >              m_helper.ForceFreeSpaceUpdate();
 >          }
 > Change that first line so it looks like this:
 >          else if (m_IsInitialized&&  message == "UPDATE_UI_LIST")
 >          {
 >              UpdateUILists();
 >              m_helper.ForceFreeSpaceUpdate();
 >          }
 > If this fixes it, you can open this as a bug and we can take a
 > look at a proper fix.  I think the above patch will work around
 > the issue, but there are probably better ways.

 I can confirm that Chris' patch restores the 0.22 behaviour for me,
 although I have not tested it extensively to see if it has undesirable
 side-effects, maybe with different settings.

 Reference: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/459329

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