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#4262: Save audio sync adjustment per channel
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 Per-input source, like per-channel and per-CODEC, offsets would be applied
 across all frontends--regardless of how they were connected to audio
 output (digital connection to receiver, digital connection to TV, analog
 connection to speakers, ...), so it would likely make things better on one
 frontend and worse on another.  We are not going to make per-input, per-
 channel, per-CODEC offset settings for each host.

 The current approach provides a good compromise that allows each system to
 be adjusted for equipment delays (such as differences in delay within a TV
 and an audio receiver each receiving direct input from the MythTV box).
 If the issue is caused by differences in audio delay within processing
 equipment based on the CODEC used, you'll need to either adjust for that
 delay in the equipment (i.e. pass audio and video through an A/V receiver
 and set it to account for the various delays) or use TOGGLEAUDIOSYNC (or
 the MENU) to bring up the "Adjust Audio Sync" control and make adjustments
 when necessary.  If the issue is caused by broken encoding by the
 broadcaster/re-broadcaster (that truly affects all shows on a given
 channel or input), you should contact your broadcaster/re-broadcaster to
 get them to fix the problem rather than attempt to work around it.

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