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#9159: [PATCH i18n] Spanish translation
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Comment (by amlopezalonso@…):

 Hi Reynaldo:

 ''Back cover is not 'contra portada' but 'contratapa'.''

 Your translation is fine for me though I'm not sure which is the exact

 ''Playlist it's actually 'Lista de reproducción'''

 I began translating it that way but then I realized the previous
 translator shortened it to 'Lista' so I inferred it was due to interface
 space limitations. If that's not the case I also prefer 'Lista de

 I know this sounds strange (Cambiar Artista Compilador) but I'm not sure
 how to translate it as I suppose it refers to compilations of music by the
 same artist opposing 'normal' albums. Maybe 'Artista de (la)
 Compilación/Recopilación'. Another issue is that both terms
 compilación/recopilación are valid, but in Spain those kind of albums are
 called "recopilación". What do you think about it?

 Audio upmixer: I'm getting a bit lost here. Maybe 'convertidor de

 Blank screen = Pantalla vacía?

 'Stream' is commonly translated in the spanish telecom literature as
 'flujo/trama', so bitstream equals to 'flujo/trama de bits'.

 Yes, deScodificador was a typo (both terms are valid, though).

 As for 'tags', maybe 'etiquetas' should be a proper translation? I have
 seen it that way elsewhere.

 I'll wait for the rest of your comments before sending a corrected patch.


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