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#9195: Teletext does not clear from the screen until replaced
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Comment (by mythtv@…):

 I'm trying to figure out the best way to provide a sample. I have a
 recording of "Anacondas: Trail of Blood" that exhibits the problem. For
 example, there's a part that says "[metal rattling]" that appears and
 doesn't go away for about 20-30 seconds. The appears that only reason it
 goes away is because it is swapped with the next caption. The entire clip
 is 4.4GB, so I obviously can't post it somewhere.

 I just did some quick searching and now realize I may have mislabeled
 this. I was under the (false) impression that teletext and closed
 captioning were the same thing, but it looks like teletext is actually a
 European standard for PAL video streams while closed captioning is used in
 North America. This ticket is actually referring to closed captioning in a
 NTSC video stream.

 Do you know of a way to re-encode the video stream and maintain that data?
 I found some information on the wiki that showed how to use CCExtractor to
 extract the closed captions to a text file. I did this and found the
 following entries:

 00:09:27,567 --> 00:09:30,201
         [metal rattling]

 00:09:57,363 --> 00:09:59,664
         [soft growling]

 I assume this indicates the closed captioning is supposed to display for
 about three seconds, but it is actually displayed for about 30 seconds
 until the following subtitle is displayed. Let me know what else I can

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