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Sun Nov 7 20:43:21 UTC 2010

#9195: Teletext does not clear from the screen until replaced
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 This is a very minor issue, but an annoyance nonetheless.

 I recently upgrade from 0.23-fixes to 0.24 fixes and I noticed that the
 teletext closed captioning is a little quirky now. The CC appears to be
 displaying correctly, but the most recent one that is displayed does not
 get cleared from the screen until the following CC is displayed. For
 example, if a CC is displayed, then the next one doesn't start for another
 20 seconds, the last displayed CC will stay on the screen for 20 seconds.
 I'm not sure of the technical aspects of closed captioning, so I don't
 know if there is normally a default timeout or if the CC stream is
 supposed to send a signal that says to clear what is displayed. This is
 much more evident in movies, which can go an extended period of time
 without updating the CC text.

 I never observed this behavior in 0.23-fixes.

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