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Thu Nov 4 05:13:51 UTC 2010

#9180: metallurgy OSD theme missing "program info"
 Reporter:  mythtv@…           |            Type:  defect
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Milestone:  unknown            |       Component:  Themes
  Version:  0.24-fixes         |        Severity:  medium
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 I recently upgraded to 0.24-fixes r27076 (I don't see any related changes
 in the subsequent check-ins). This worked properly in 0.23-fixes.

 The Metallurgy skin dooes not show the program info dialog box when
 watching a recorded program. I am running at 800x600, but the rest of the
 theme scales down to fit my screen. When you watch a video and press the
 info button, you will see the current position indicator. When you press
 info again, it goes away, but the "state" of the info thinks it's showing
 the program info, because when you press info again, nothing happens

 Basic steps:
 1. Start recorded program
 2. Press info. The position OSD shows up
 3. Press info again. OSD is blank, but it THINKS it's showing the program
 4. Press info again. OSD is still blank
 5. Press info again. The position OSD shows up again and the cycle

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