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#9179: Time stretch lost when exiting cut point editor
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 This one is a little obscure, so hopefully it can be duplicated. I
 recently upgraded to 0.24-fixes r27076 (I don't see any related changes in
 the subsequent check-ins). This worked properly in 0.23-fixes.

 I have a recording that is assigned a custom playback group with a time
 stretch of 1.3x. When you start playing the recording, it plays at 1.3x
 speed. If you then jump into cut mode (press E), then exit cut mode, the
 time stretch is reset to 1. Not only is the value reset, the TOGGLESTRETCH
 toggle key won't actually toggle back to the previous time stretch value.
 If you open the menu, then go to Playback > Adjust Time Stretch > 1.3x, it
 will correctly apply the stretch again. However, if you immediately go
 into cut mode again, the problem will resurface.

 However, if you start the video, then press the TOGGLESTRETCH toggle key
 BEFORE you go into cut mode, you can then safely go into cut mode and the
 TOGGLESTRETCH toggle key will continue to work after you exit. It will
 still reset the time stretch upon exit.

 It doesn't seem to exhibit this behavior if you are using the default
 playback group (perhaps because it starts with no time stretch applied?).

 To sum up the steps where it fails:
 1. Start video using playback group with 1.3x time stretch
 2. Enter cut mode (E)
 3. Exit cut mode. Time stretch resets and TOGGLESTRETCH will not work
 4. Open the menu > Playback > Adjust Time Stretch > 1.3x
 5. Enter cut mode (E)
 6. Exit cut mode. Time stretch resets and TOGGLESTRETCH will not work

 If you press the TOGGLESTRETCH key BEFORE entering cut mode (step 2 or 5),
 it will continue to work after exiting cut mode.

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