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Wed Nov 3 01:56:43 UTC 2010

#9171: Threads not exiting, causing backend to hang
 Reporter:  dave@…             |           Owner:  beirdo    
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Component:  MythTV - General   |         Version:  0.24-fixes
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Comment (by beirdo):

 OK, that's easily solved.  From a mysql login:

 SELECT * FROM settings WHERE value = 'Thread/HTTP/Max';

 If there are none:

 INSERT INTO settings (value, data, hostname) VALUES ('Thread/HTTP/Max',
 20, NULL);

 If there is one:

 UPDATE settings SET data = 20 WHERE value = 'Thread/HTTP/Max';

 Tweaking this setting will hopefully be possible from mythtv-setup (or
 replacement) for 0.25, but for now has to be set manually, either from
 mysql or from mythweb if you can get into the settings page there.  The
 value of 20 works well for me, but you may be OK with a lower or higher

 Please be careful :)

 Oh, and after setting that, you will need to restart the backend for it to
 take effect.  What is happening is that there are only 5 worker threads in
 the internal webserver by default, and you've run out.

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