[mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r24897 by mdean

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Sat May 29 22:32:58 UTC 2010

      Author: mdean
        Date: 2010-05-29 22:32:58 +0000 (Sat, 29 May 2010)
New Revision: 24897
   Changeset: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/24897




Modify the restore script to allow creating a new database without mc.sql and allow dropping the existing database using the script.

This change allows users to perform full database restores without having to use mc.sql--and, therefore, without having to learn the intricacies of the MySQL permissions system and their distro's expected configuration.

Users may replace their database with:
./mythconverg_restore.pl --drop_database --create_database \
                         --directory=/path/to/backups \

Note that the --drop_database argument will do nothing unless the --create_database argument is also specified (to make sure the user really wants to drop the database).  Also, the --create_database argument will fail if the MySQL user does not yet exist or lacks appropriate permissions (in other words, the --create_database argument does not perform any GRANTs or otherwise affect users/permissions).

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