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#8011: watchlist showing oldest and more group summary data
 Reporter:  nzhook            |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  enhancement       |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor             |    Milestone:  unknown
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Changes (by nzhook <mythtv.hook@…>):

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 Sorry for taking so long to get back regarding this.

 From your response I dont think you may have mis read this as something
 the delete recordings screen should have. Which is not really something
 this patch was designed to provide.

 This patch provides the totals of the numbers when in the group selection,
 rather than the 'there are X recordings in this display group', thus
 giving themers more information to work with than a single line which they
 are unable to change. (which BTW this was a patch I created when I was
 creating a theme but never got the time to finish)

 eg. If the user has 3 recordings in a group:
  recording 1     1 hour
  recording 2     2 hours
  recording 3     30 minutes
 when the user is on the group selection the lentime value available to the
 theme is set to 2 hours 30 minutes rather than being blank.  It also does
 this with the other numeric values (such as disk space)

 I use this patch on my frontend on a regular basis to see how much total
 time I have to watch still, eg. im a little behind on Lost, In fact this
 patch tells me im 4 hours behind.

 The other part of the patch, is that it lists the oldest Lost episode
 before the most recent. I dont want to watch episode 13 of before I watch
 episode 11, currently however the Watch Recordings list is showing episode
 13 and not episode 11, which is what the patch fixes.

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