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#8235: segfault when channel changed in LiveTV
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 Replying to [comment:4 robertm]:
 > No response.  Original backtrace was a SIGINT, not a segfault.  If this
 occurs with .23-RC3 or .23-fixes, this ticket can be re-opened with a
 backtrace that shows an actual segfault.


 Sorry for long silence (I was blocked by other things). This seq fault
 issue is quite specific:[[BR]]

 -it is only present on my DVB-T channels (I have also: analog and
 DVB-S/DVB-S2). My DVB-T is H.264 based.[[BR]]

 -segfault pops after channel change - when decoder is adapting to new
 stream. Sequence is more-less following:[[BR]]

 1.current channel plays[[BR]]

 2.user changing channel[[BR]]

 3.picture on current channel stops moving[[BR]]

 4.picture from new channel appears (it is still)[[BR]]

 5.2-3 sec latter segfault appears[[BR]]

 6.immediately after p.5 picture starts to move[[BR]]

 -segfault appears only when I change from DVB-T channel to DVB-T channel.
 Changing from/to other channels to DVB-T is not producing segfault.[[BR]]

 7.attached by me gdb traces were with this segfault - despite they didn't
 include any infos about segfault. Will compilation/tracing with -debug
 option help then here ?[[BR]]

 I'm on 0.23-fixes 24609


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