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#7076: FFW/RW goes very fast when recording exits commercial break
 Reporter:  Tim Jordan <tim@…>                  |        Owner:  ijr    
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 I believe I am hitting this problem and I am using .23-fixes (revision
 24486). I will attach version output and a log where I start mythfrontend,
 select a recording, skip 12 minutes in (that is where I first see the
 problem when fast forwarding) and fast forward at 10x. Very shortly
 thereafter, the fast forward goes extremely fast and I let it go to the
 end of the recording (30 minute show).

 In my experience, this very fast forward only occurs on standard def
 shows. I have not had the problem with anything in 720 or 1080 p/i. It
 also only appears to happen during commercial breaks. Fast forwarding
 through any other parts of the show have not caused this problem.

 In this instance, I am using a machine with an nVidia 8800GTX (no vdpau),
 but the same thing happens on another machine using a 9400GT with vdpau.

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