[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8232: Error in OSD prevents relative seek and channel change

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Sat Mar 27 19:32:24 UTC 2010

#8232: Error in OSD prevents relative seek and channel change
 Reporter:  Matt White <whitem@…>              |       Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  defect                             |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                              |   Milestone:  unknown
Component:  MythTV - General                   |     Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium                             |     Mlocked:  0      
 I updated my main machine last night to 0.23-fixes to do some more
 testing.  Everything went very smoothly (very nice work, developers).

 I grabbed the theme contest entry themes, so I could have a look at them
 and vote.

 This morning, I was watching a recorded curling game from last night, and
 wanted to skip ahead - I do this all the time (press 5 then right, presto
 5 minutes ahead).  It didn't work...

 So, I searched the mailing lists.  I found Mike Dean's great explanation
 of his changes to sticky keys, SEEKFWD, FWDSTICKY, etc (subject "Seek
 (back and forth) broken in MythTV trunk r23186").  I do use sticky keys,
 so I went back again and made sure that the changes to my key bindings had
 been done correctly (it was).  Still couldn't do relative seeks.

 As I woke up (hey, I'm not seriously conscious before noon), I noticed
 that the numbers were not even being displayed by the OSD when I typed
 them in before I hit "right".  So, I went trolling through the source to
 find out what had changed.  I couldn't find anything useful.

 With logging cranked up, the only thing that happened when I pressed a
 number key while playing a recording was:

 TV: CommitQueuedInput() livetv(0) qchannum(1) qchanid(0)

 TV: CommitQueuedInput() livetv(0) qchannum(2) qchanid(0)

 I pressed "1", then "2" there.

 I started this ticket, and decided I'd check liveTV (don't use it much) to
 see if numbers showed up for changing channels.  They didn't (and I
 couldn't type in a channel and change to it), but I remembered that I had
 tested channel changing immediately after upgrading and it worked.  When I
 cranked logging up again, typing "1" then "2" again during playback now
 gave me:

 TV: CommitQueuedInput() livetv(0) qchannum(1) qchanid(0)

 TV: CommitQueuedInput() livetv(0) qchannum(12) qchanid(0)

 Long story short, I had chosen the OSD from the submitted "TransBlue"
 theme as my Playback OSD.  I went and changed the OSD back to something
 else (blueosd, but others worked the same).  Suddenly, I can do relative
 seeks, I can do channel changes, everything works!  Somehow, something in
 the OSD setup for "TransBlue" seems to interact with Myth in a way to
 disable functionality.

 I'm completely clueless on themes, but I'll continue trying to figure this
 out - I wanted to submit this report because it is entirely likely that
 someone more familiar with that area of the code will be able to quickly
 solve the problem.

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