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Thu Mar 25 18:59:36 UTC 2010

#7496: pulseaudio A/V sync
 Reporter:  Alan Calvert <cal@…>             |       Owner:  jyavenard
     Type:  enhancement                      |      Status:  new      
 Priority:  minor                            |   Milestone:  unknown  
Component:  MythTV - Audio Output            |     Version:  head     
 Severity:  low                              |     Mlocked:  0        

Comment(by geoffp@…):

 I just tried out the new Pulseaudio support in 0.23 trunk on Ubuntu
 10.04b.  Thanks a lot for making that happen; I have a need to be able to
 route network audio to my Myth box, and Pulse lets me do that.

 And that works great, but the audio latency when using Myth's native
 Pulseaudio driver is much higher than with ALSA -> Pulseaudio.  It's
 unwatchable, unfortunately.

 I wonder why it is that latency isn't an issue when using ALSA ->
 Pulseaudio, but is when using Pulse's native API...

 I don't know if Ubuntu has moved to glitch-free yet, I can't find any
 reference to tsched in it's Pulse config files.

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