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#8170: mythicalLibrarian user contribution
 Reporter:  outleradam@…                |        Owner:  mdean  
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Comment(by anonymous):

 I don't think you understand.  This is not a hack. This script carries
 FULL support, guaranteed to work with schedules direct, MC2XML, Zap2it and
 others as long as the program ID uses the SH/EP/MV/SP format.

 You do realize that the home for this script is on XBMC which was just
 struck by lightening recently?

 Here is the download only site:

 I think it would be foolish to include mythrename and not
 mythicalLibrarian which is basically mythrename on steroids with proper
 universal naming conventions, rss2.0 feeds, full detailed logging and
 communication optison as well as a,  a --undo option and full support for
 online updates using the command line switch --update.

 Seriously.   It's that good.

 It's there if you want it.  I'm not making yet another wiki page.

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