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#8171: mythicalLibrarian user contribution
 Reporter:  outleradam@…                |       Owner:  mdean
     Type:  enhancement                 |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  minor                       |   Milestone:  0.23 
Component:  Contributed Scripts & Apps  |     Version:  head 
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 I am finished with the core features of mythicalLibrarian, a script to
 rename mythtv recordings into season and episode.  I was wondering if this
 would be good to add in as a contribution?

 Basically, the way I think of mythicalLibrarian is all in the name.  It
 determines if the movie is an episode, show, or movie.

 Movies are referenced against the mythtvdb, and assigned Title (year).ext
 Shows are assigned a Title S0E0 (subtitle).ext name

 Episodes are referenced against the mythtvdb, thetvdb.com and assigned a
 Title SxxExx (subtitle).ext.  mythicalLibrarian works offline and has a
 multitude of safety checks to ensure proper naming including:
  --doover feature which repeats any episodes which were assigned to the
 doover que because the internal logic determined information was not
 availble at the time from thetvdb.
 --undo feature which removes all changes
 --scan which allows the user to scan a whole folder for a speciffic type
 of file and then process each one through mythicalLibrarian

 This program is constantly adapting to new guide data types, so any
 problem reports which are filed can be addressed and once fixed, the user
 can run mythicalLibrarian --update and grab the latest version.

 I have spent months of work on this and it is my goal to fully support
 every show in the best possible manner with absolutely zero human
 intervention.  This is why I call it mythicalLibrarian.   It is a
 librarian who works to keep your files not only human readable, but all
 information which is known may be rebuilt after a full database crash by
 using the naming conventions which I have set.

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