[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8164: Translated strings in ScheduleCommon are not used

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Thu Mar 11 17:02:19 UTC 2010

#8164: Translated strings in ScheduleCommon are not used
 Reporter:  Kenni Lund <kenni@…>        |       Owner:  reynaldo
     Type:  defect                      |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  minor                       |   Milestone:  unknown 
Component:  Translations                |     Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium                      |     Mlocked:  0       
 All strings in mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/schedulecommon.cpp are
 translatable in Linguist, but MythTV doesn't use the translations if the
 translations are available.

 ScheduleCommon contains 12 translatable strings and I can confirm that at
 least 6 of them remains english in mythfrontend:
 "Forget Previous"
 "Record anyway"
 "Don't record"
 "Edit Options"
 "Add Override"
 "Never record"

 Tested with the Danish translation and trunk r23715.

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