[mythtv-commits] Ticket #7945: Hellenic (Greek) Translation for Mythtv

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Tue Mar 9 20:04:42 UTC 2010

#7945: Hellenic (Greek) Translation for Mythtv
 Reporter:  yianniv       |       Owner:  reynaldo      
     Type:  patch         |      Status:  infoneeded_new
 Priority:  minor         |   Milestone:  unknown       
Component:  Translations  |     Version:  unknown       
 Severity:  low           |     Mlocked:  0             

Comment(by yianniv):


 Sorry I haven't updated the translation, but I have been too busy. I don't
 think I will make it for the upcoming 0.23 release.

 Moreover, I have noticed something strange: When I use the Hellenic setup,
 in the TV series, and with the metadata updated, only the season art
 appears on each episode. If I change the language to English, the
 screenshot is back.

 I don't know if it is the translation at fault (maybe I should have
 changed another file ?) or a new bug, so I haven't reported it until now.


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