[mythtv-commits] Ticket #7615: MythUI fails to update cache for images in storage groups

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Thu Mar 4 03:15:25 UTC 2010

#7615: MythUI fails to update cache for images in storage groups
 Reporter:  Robin Hill <myth@…>                |       Owner:  cpinkham
     Type:  defect                             |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                              |   Milestone:  0.24    
Component:  MythTV - User Interface Library    |     Version:  0.22    
 Severity:  medium                             |     Mlocked:  0       
Changes (by cpinkham):

  * milestone:  0.23 => 0.24


 I'm going to push this to 0.24.  The only way to fix this without a non-
 patch is to add some form of RemoteFile::Stat(), but since RemoteFile does
 not have
 access to the main connection back to the master backend, this would mean
 that we
 would have to open and close a backend connection for each image we were

 I already have most of a patch completed to move the main backend
 into libmythdb so that RemoteFile and libmythui can take advantage of it.
 This is
 part of a larger project I'm working on to create a directory
 subsystem in Myth for various reasons.  That will eventually be the
 solution to
 this ticket, so I'm leaving this open for now, but pushing off till 0.24.

 The attached patch can not be used because it creates a circular
 libmyth depends on libmythui, so code in libmythui should not depend on
 code in libmyth.

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