[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8129: mythbrowser: Hard (impossible?) to see links using keyboard navigation

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Wed Mar 3 15:06:53 UTC 2010

#8129: mythbrowser: Hard (impossible?) to see links using keyboard navigation
 Reporter:  Alec Leamas <leamas.alec@…>          |       Owner:  paulh  
     Type:  defect                               |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                                |   Milestone:  unknown
Component:  Plugin - MythBrowser                 |     Version:  0.22   
 Severity:  medium                               |     Mlocked:  0      
 Trying to use the keyboard to navigate a webpage using mythbrowser, one
 problem is to see where the focus is i. e., which link  a keyboard "follow
 link" command will activate.

 The problem is not really specific to mythbrowser, it's the same w most
 browsers. Anyway, if it should be possible to use at lest simple pages
 with a remote control, this problem needs to be addressed IMHO.

 I have done a simple minded patch which basically makes the current link,
 the focus, green. This is not always a pleasant experience, but it solves
 the problem to see the link a lot of times. Not always, though.

 The basic idea is to add a specific stylesheet which mythbrowser loads
 with every page. I think this general idea is Good Thing. However, here
 are many details such as where to the code should be in the end, where the
 CSS file should be installed, to which component the CSS file belongs
 (mythbrowser? themes?), a better CSS file etc.  which are really hard for
 a newbie making a first patch.

 At least, it's a first try. Here is actually two files: A "normal" diff
 and a new file living in .../libmythui/mythbrowser.ccc. I'm open to any
 hints how to improve the patch if there is interest.

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