[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8653: MythTV does not record rerun of failed recording

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Fri Jul 16 17:56:54 UTC 2010

#8653: MythTV does not record rerun of failed recording
 Reporter:  thomas@…             |       Owner:  gigem     
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new       
 Priority:  minor                |   Milestone:  unknown   
Component:  MythTV - Scheduling  |     Version:  0.23-fixes
 Severity:  medium               |     Mlocked:  0         

Comment(by thomas@…):

 I am going to attach a log with -v schedule about the situation.

 Started mythbackend at 2010-07-16, 19:30. Test recording "Gute Zeiten,
 schlechte Zeiten", description "Serie, Deutschland, 2010, Folge 452"
 begins at 19:40, record early 5 min -> 19:35.

 The show is scheduled as "Record at any time on any channel.", Duplicate
 Check "Description".

 Recording starts at 19:35.

 Disconnected SAT cable at 19:40. After a while, recording fails. Status of
 recording is "f".

 The rerun is at 2010-07-19, 08:30 (minus 5 min -> 8:25). This time slot
 has status "R". It will not be recorded.

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