[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8030: AC3 track confuses trunk audio code

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Fri Feb 26 06:23:00 UTC 2010

#8030: AC3 track confuses trunk audio code
 Reporter:  Yeechang Lee <ylee@…>          |       Owner:  jyavenard
     Type:  defect                         |      Status:  new      
 Priority:  major                          |   Milestone:  0.23     
Component:  MythTV - Audio Output          |     Version:  head     
 Severity:  medium                         |     Mlocked:  0        

Comment(by ylee@…):

 Replying to [comment:3 tralph]:
 > Yeechang, I wasn't able to download your samples. Could you provide them
 I've reuploaded the clips. (They might've been deleted due to overzealous
 anti-piracy measures, not realizing that each clip is each less than a
 minute of a 60-minute program uploaded purely for diagnostic purposes, so
 I suggest downloading them sooner rather than later if possible.)

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