[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8088: Greatly expanded playback groups

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Sun Feb 21 17:47:49 UTC 2010

#8088: Greatly expanded playback groups
 Reporter:  Jim Stichnoth <stichnot@…>          |       Owner:  gigem   
     Type:  patch                               |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                               |   Milestone:  unknown 
Component:  MythTV - General                    |     Version:  unknown 
 Severity:  medium                              |     Mlocked:  0       

Comment(by Jim Stichnoth <stichnot@…>):

 Updated with v2 files.

 This update, in my opinion, greatly improves the v1 look of the new
 playgroup settings UI, which now looks much more like the original
 settings pages (except of course where a particular setting is not
 included in Playgroups).

 The change is to configure SpinBoxes and ComboBoxes with an appropriate
 default choice.  Also, myth CheckBoxes needed to be updated to support
 tristate Qt checkboxes.  Unfortunately, the PartiallyChecked icon is
 almost indistinguishable from the Unchecked icon when displayed on top of
 a dark background, so the checkbox label font is changed to non-bold when
 in the PartiallyChecked state.  Maybe a UI expert could think of a nicer
 style change for PartiallyChecked.

 It might be nice to also change the text style for SpinBox and ComboBox
 labels when they hold the default value, which would make it even easier
 to pick out which settings have been changed from the default.  However,
 that seems a little too invasive for this patch, and better left to a UI

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