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Tue Feb 16 19:39:38 UTC 2010

#7996: GUI Offset Not Working
 Reporter:  Britney Fransen <britney.fransen@…>          |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  defect                                       |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor                                        |   Milestone:  0.23
Component:  MythTV - General                             |     Version:  head
 Severity:  medium                                       |     Mlocked:  0   

Comment(by Britney Fransen <britney.fransen@…>):

 Attached is a patch that fixes this in Fluxbox and I would guess other
 *box WMs but I have only tested it on Fluxbox.  In Fluxbox when
 Qt::WindowFullScreen is set it ignores any offsets and places the window
 at 0,0.

 Currently the "Use window border" setting is being used to determine if
 the Qt::WindowFullScreen should be set but that is not how the setting is
 described in the help text.  This patch looks at the offset and dimensions
 and if they are 0 sets the Qt::WindowFullScreen.  The "Use window border"
 just shows or hides the window border.

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