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Tue Aug 31 03:45:38 UTC 2010

#8804: Video pauses when volume adjusted
 Reporter:  danielk           |           Owner:  markk     
     Type:  defect            |          Status:  infoneeded
 Priority:  blocker           |       Milestone:  0.24      
Component:  MythTV - General  |         Version:  Trunk Head
 Severity:  medium            |      Resolution:            
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Changes (by markk):

  * status:  assigned => infoneeded


 Daniel - what video renderer/OSD painter are you using?

 OSD performance post merge is now entirely different. For VDPAU, Direct3D9
 and OpenGL it will be much faster. For ChromaKey any differences will be
 down to Qt painting versus the old OSD painting code. For the blended OSD
 there will be similar painting differences and potentially a small
 performance penalty as we paint in '24bit' yuv and convert as needed.

 That said, I was pretty careful when writing the software blended code to
 ensure it optimises wherever possible.

 I'm not really sure what else to do or say. The code base is now

 (are you sure it's not an audio issue given that the 2 merges happened in
 close proximity)

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