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#7112: Apple remote not exclusive on OSX 10.6 - Snow Leopard
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Changes (by nigel):

  * status:  assigned => closed
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 Hmmm. On an MacBook running 10.6.4, I open iTimes, drag it onto screen 2,
 and play some music. The Apple remote's play/pause button works. I open
 MythFrontend.app (full screen on screen 1). The remote lets me
 up/down/left/right/enter in the menus. I click in the iTunes window -
 remote's play/pause still works. If your behaviour is different, please
 attach extensive description of the problem, and -v important output.
 The remote does not work as expected when video starts playing, but that
 is a different problem, and nothing to do with whether iTunes or similar
 is running, or not.
 Front Row is designed to take over the Mac. It uses all screens and
 prevents input from getting to MythFrontend.app. I don't see how the
 remote could ever work with both Front Row and MythFrontend?

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