[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8790: Patch to fix eta timer bug in mencoder jobs

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#8790: Patch to fix eta timer bug in mencoder jobs
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 OK I've attached two screengrabs from last night of the same file being

 One is the failed pass and the the successful pass after I changed the

 If you look at the pass that worked you can see the framecount is higher
 then the total number of frames at the end, that doesn't make sense.

 My setup is the machines running the nuvexport job pulls the file from the
 backend via an NFS share, when I tried to do a two pass job it crashed
 exactly between the first and second pass (indicative of the same problem
 above), changing the deathtimer from 30 seconds to 180 allowed both a
 single pass and a two pass job to work OK.  As the deathtimer is only a 30
 second counter is it a major issue to change it to 180 seconds?   I'll try
 to get to the bottom of the frame counter error and see if I can give you
 more feedback.

 I'm happy for you to leave this as a closed ticket, however if people
 raise an issue please be aware of this.

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