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Sat Aug 14 15:20:45 UTC 2010

#8781: AV subtitle durations sometimes handled incorrectly
     Reporter:  Jim Stichnoth <stichnot@…>          |       Owner:  janne      
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    Component:  MythTV - Video Playback             |     Version:  Unspecified
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 This is a 100 MB sample from a children's DVD with a "read-along" feature
 implemented in terms of AV subtitles.  The appearance of this feature is
 that individual words in the subtitle change color as they are spoken.
 The experience in myth is pretty bad, as the subtitles flash on and off
 quickly instead of displaying smoothly as they do in vlc.  It appears the
 author of this DVD is using zero-duration subtitles to mean infinite
 duration (or until the next subtitle is to be displayed).  The attached
 patch changes zero duration to be 10 seconds, which makes the sample
 display nicely, even if it's not necessarily the best solution.

 The second issue is probably related.  If you pause while a subtitle is
 displayed, it is still erased after its duration elapses, even though
 playback is paused.  This is because of the way m_expireTimes is used.  I
 didn't test, but I suspect the subtitle durations do not respect

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