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#8639: GNOME Screensaver not disabled
 Reporter:  James Linder <jam@…>          |           Owner:  mdean     
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Comment (by mdean):

 MythTV does not inhibit screensavers (so that even if the frontend
 crashes, the screensaver state will remain unchanged--and, yes, I know
 about the GNOME and KDE D-Bus-based approach to inhibiting).  Therefore,
 gnome-screensaver-command -q will never report the screensaver as
 inhibited.  Instead, MythTV issues

  gnome-screensaver-command --poke

 calls once per minute during playback to prevent screensaver activation.
 If there is a problem with GNOME screensaver support, it's likely due to a
 problem with gnome-screensaver-command --poke not doing what it always has
 in the past.

 Note, also, that your screensaver timeout must be at least 2 minutes for
 MythTV's screensaver support to work.  See ticket:7291#comment:4 .

 Please retest--without manually issuing any calls to gnome-screensaver-
 command or xset (for dpms stuff)--and create a mythfrontend log file using
 -v important,general,playback and showing application startup, entering
 playback, and playback until the screensaver improperly activates.  Then,
 exit playback and exit mythfrontend and upload the entire log file as an
 attachment (compress first if it's too large to attach).


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