[mythtv-commits] Ticket #5485: Store the directory a program was created in

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Thu Aug 12 02:09:44 UTC 2010

#5485: Store the directory a program was created in
 Reporter:  Tony Lill <ajlill@…>                    |           Owner:  cpinkham 
     Type:  enhancement                             |          Status:  closed   
 Priority:  minor                                   |       Milestone:  unknown  
Component:  MythTV - General                        |         Version:  unknown  
 Severity:  medium                                  |      Resolution:  duplicate
 Keywords:                                          |   Ticket locked:  0        
Changes (by cpinkham):

  * status:  assigned => closed
  * resolution:  => duplicate
  * milestone:  0.24 => unknown


 This feature will be accomplished as part of a larger file and seek table
 database reorg that is in the works.  There is no need to keep this ticket
 open so I'm closing it to help cleanup Trac.  Marking ticket as
 'duplicate' even though it's not because it's not really a "won't fix" or
 any other category.

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