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#7472: LiveTV failes exits with "Video frame buffering failed too many times"
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Comment (by John.D.Nourse@…):

 The following is an excerpt from what I wrote in the closed report .. I
 hae a few more comments at the end and I feel that they are really
 HI, my son and I have both MythTV setups with both front and back end
 UBUNTU boxes, and this problem for us has been occurring with Live TV but
 only with On Air shows. The message appears on all of our front ends I see
 the same shudder when the HD on air shows change. I'm not 100% positive
 but it seems to me I consistently see the issue when during th live show I
 pause it and then resume. I know this because the error occurs when the
 show has ended in real time and I am behind and miss the end of the show
 because I paused it and did not catch up with the live real time show
 before it ended. Very annoying!!

 OK. This has been going on for a long time now probably close to a year
 but it has been so long I don't actually remember the start date. Our Back
 end stats show that we have been recording shows on Myth for 1 year and 13
 months but I do not remember seeing this initially. If requested I will
 try to create and provide log files as requested above. My son's setup has
 high def satellite from Starchoice. This does not seem to have the issue
 on it's high def. I have however noticed that the On Air High Definition
 files are huge at least twice the size of the HD files from the Star
 Choice box. We are both using the HDHomerun box to get the On Air digital
 signals onto our gigabit home networks and through to MythTV. We both use
 VDPAU for all the digital processing on all boxes including High
 Definition .

 I hope this helps isolate the issue. I understand that each show either
 recorded or Live is actually recorded as a separate file. This makes the
 message relevant if there is some problem concluding writing and closing
 the Live TV recording before being able to start recording the subsequent
 live show.
  New Comments::
 It seems to me that VDPAU is not really the culprit if the message is
 really true.  There really are frame losses that cannot be recovered.
 VDPAU must display what it is sent and if frames are omitted then It
 cannot resync itself if there is not a huge buffer that can be compared to
 and synced up again. If as was stated earlier the Gigabit ethernet  loses
 the signal then there is nothing to recover. If the recording cannot keep
 up (the file closed and the new one started up on time ) then this could
 cause the same issue. Frames not being available for VDPAU to sync to.
 Perhaps a simple fix would be to just restart the data stream as if a
 fresh.( instead of erroring out and stopping any video) Since this seems
 to happen only at the change time for programs  and on live TV and in high
 Def. would it not be a good idea to complete the thread that has concluded
 and start a new thread. This way the first could finish writing to disk
 and the new be available for viewing.  This means that there would need to
 be an overlapping recording technique for live TV. This problem does not
 seem to occur when programs are just recorded and not viewed live. This
 leads me to believe that the "Gigabit" issue is misleading and not related
 or the same problem would cut off the recording and I have not seen this

 I hope that this helps. Let me know If there is anything I can do to


 John Nourse

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