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Tue Aug 10 20:20:53 UTC 2010

#8758: [TRIVIAL PATCH] Correction to the Danish DVB-T frequency table
 Reporter:  Kenni Lund [kenni at mythtv dot dk] <kenni@…>          |           Owner:  janne     
     Type:  patch                                                  |          Status:  new       
 Priority:  minor                                                  |       Milestone:  0.24      
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Comment (by wirbel):

 Replying to [ticket:8758 Kenni Lund [kenni at mythtv dot dk] <kenni@…>]:
 > The settings of the current DVB-T frequency table for Denmark is too
 specific to find all available channels. The attached patch should solve
 > The following changes are made with the patch:
 > {{{
 > HP code rate "2/3" -> "Auto" (FTA broadcaster "DigiTV" uses 2/3, but the
 commercial broadcaster, BoxerTV, uses 3/4)
 > LP code rate "None" -> "Auto" (Copenhagen local broadcaster uses 1/2)
 > QAM "64" -> "Auto" (DigiTV and BoxerTV uses QAM64, but CPH local
 broadcaster uses QAM16)
 > Guard Interval "1/4" -> "Auto" (DigiTV and BoxerTV uses 1/4, but CPH
 local broadcaster uses 1/16)
 > }}}
 > The attached file, channel.conf, shows a full scanning made with w_scan,
 which found 51 channels in total, from all of the three mentioned
 providers. After applying the attached patch to MythTV, MythTV found all
 51 channels as well.

 Actually it's a bad idea, since your change will break tuning for cards
 not supporting 'AUTO' for those fields. The change to LP code rate doesnt
 change anything at all, since there is actually no location known to use a
 DVB-T low priority stream (LP is not used, it doesnt matter what you put

 Applying this patch will force opening new bug reports from users whose
 dvb cards will not tune anymore.

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