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Tue Aug 10 20:10:23 UTC 2010

#8747: Failed to make preview image
 Reporter:  bob.havlin@…          |           Owner:  stuartm   
     Type:  defect                |          Status:  infoneeded
 Priority:  minor                 |       Milestone:  0.24      
Component:  MythTV - General      |         Version:  Trunk Head
 Severity:  medium                |      Resolution:            
 Keywords:  preview image fail    |   Ticket locked:  0         

Comment (by anonymous):

 The file mythpreviewgen is not part of the package:

 The commands:
 > dpkg -L `dpkg -l |grep myth | awk '{print $2}'` |grep preview
 > locate mythpreviewgen
 verified this.

 Also, just to make sure it is clear how things are setup:

 > dpkg -l |grep myth
 ii  libmyth-0.23-0
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Common library code for
 MythTV and add-on mo
 ii  libmyth-python
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A python library to access
 some MythTV featu
 ii  libmythtv-perl
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A PERL library to access
 some MythTV feature
 ii  mytharchive
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           create and burn DVD's from
 MythTV - binary f
 ii  mythbuntu-common                     0.50-0ubuntu1
 Mythbuntu application support functions
 ii  mythbuntu-control-centre             0.62-0ubuntu1
 Mythbuntu Configuration Application
 ii  mythbuntu-default-settings           0.96-0ubuntu1
 default settings for Mythbuntu
 ii  mythbuntu-desktop                    0.59
 The Mythbuntu standalone system
 ii  mythbuntu-gdm-theme                  0.6-0ubuntu1
 Mythbuntu GDM theme
 ii  mythbuntu-lirc-generator             0.24-0ubuntu1
 Mythbuntu Lirc Configuration Generator
 ii  mythbuntu-log-grabber                0.7-0ubuntu2
 Mythbuntu repos installer
 ii  mythbuntu-repos
 8.0-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu~auto20100809002729       Mythbuntu repos installer
 ii  mythexport                           2.1.5-0ubuntu1
 Export MythTV recording to portable media pl
 ii  mythgallery
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Image gallery/slideshow
 add-on module for My
 ii  mythmovies
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Find nearby movies and
 cinema listings
 ii  mythmusic
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Music add-on module for
 ii  mythplugins-dbg
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Debug symbols for
 ii  mythtv
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A personal video recorder
 application (clien
 ii  mythtv-backend
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A personal video recorder
 application (serve
 ii  mythtv-backend-master
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Metapackage to setup and
 configure a "Master
 ii  mythtv-common
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A personal video recorder
 application (commo
 ii  mythtv-database
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A personal video recorder
 application (datab
 ii  mythtv-dbg
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Debug symbols for mythtv
 ii  mythtv-frontend
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A personal video recorder
 application (clien
 ii  mythtv-theme-arclight
 1:0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The arclight MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-blootube-osd
 1:0.24.0~trunk25106-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The blootube-osd MythTV
 ii  mythtv-theme-blueosd
 1:0.24.0~trunk25106-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The blueosd MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-childish
 1:0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The childish MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-graphite
 1:0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The graphite MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-iulius-osd
 1:0.24.0~trunk25106-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The iulius-osd MythTV
 ii  mythtv-theme-metallurgy
 1:0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The metallurgy MythTV
 ii  mythtv-theme-mono-osd
 1:0.24.0~trunk25106-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The mono-osd MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-mythbuntu
 1:0.24.0~trunk25598-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The mythbuntu MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-projectgrayhem-osd
 1:0.24.0~trunk25106-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The projectgrayhem-osd
 MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-retro-osd
 1:0.24.0~trunk25106-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The retro-osd MythTV Theme
 ii  mythtv-theme-titivillus-osd
 1:0.24.0~trunk25106-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         The titivillus-osd MythTV
 ii  mythtv-themes
 1:0.24.0~trunk25598-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1         Themes for MythTV
 ii  mythtv-transcode-utils
 0.24.0~trunk25594-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Utilities used for
 transcoding MythTV tasks
 ii  mythvideo
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           A generic video player
 frontend module for M
 ii  mythweather
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Weather add-on module for
 ii  mythweb
 0.24.0~trunk25575-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1           Web interface add-on
 module for MythTV


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