[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8760: mythtv livetv channel editor locks up frontend

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Tue Aug 10 07:11:09 UTC 2010

#8760: mythtv livetv channel editor locks up frontend
 Reporter:  Robert S     |            Type:  defect          
   Status:  new          |        Priority:  minor           
Milestone:  unknown      |       Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  Unspecified  |        Severity:  medium          
 Keywords:               |   Ticket locked:  0               
 When I'm watching LiveTV, press "Menu" and select "Edit channel" I get the
 screen with the textinputs, the probe and ok button. When I select the one
 of the buttons or press escape the screen does not disappear. I have to
 restart the frontend.

 I get the following output:
 TV: OSDDialogEvent: result 3 text Sender bearbeiten action EDIT
 QObject::startTimer: QTimer can only be used with threads started with

 I run MythTV trunk 25595.

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