[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8758: [TRIVIAL PATCH] Correction to the Danish DVB-T frequency table

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Mon Aug 9 23:48:07 UTC 2010

#8758: [TRIVIAL PATCH] Correction to the Danish DVB-T frequency table
     Reporter:  Kenni Lund [kenni at mythtv dot dk] <kenni@…>          |       Owner:  janne                        
         Type:  patch                                                  |      Status:  new                          
     Priority:  minor                                                  |   Milestone:  unknown                      
    Component:  MythTV - DVB                                           |     Version:  Trunk Head                   
     Severity:  medium                                                 |    Keywords:  DVB-T frequency table Denmark
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 The settings of the current DVB-T frequency table for Denmark is too
 specific to find all available channels. The attached patch should solve

 The following changes are made with the patch:
 HP code rate "2/3" -> "Auto" (FTA broadcaster "DigiTV" uses 2/3, but the
 commercial broadcaster, BoxerTV, uses 3/4)
 LP code rate "None" -> "Auto" (Copenhagen local broadcaster uses 1/2)
 QAM "64" -> "Auto" (DigiTV and BoxerTV uses QAM64, but CPH local
 broadcaster uses QAM16)
 Guard Interval "1/4" -> "Auto" (DigiTV and BoxerTV uses 1/4, but CPH local
 broadcaster uses 1/16)

 The attached file, channel.conf, shows a full scanning made with w_scan,
 which found 51 channels in total, from all of the three mentioned
 providers. After applying the attached patch to MythTV, MythTV found all
 51 channels as well.

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