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#8757: Video playback stutters while browsing channel
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 Upgraded from 24335 to 25595.

 Now when i watch LiveTv(DVB) and start channel browsing the program I'm
 watching micro stutters for every channel i browse.

 If i hold the upp or down key the program turns in to a slide show.

 Feels like the operation of fetching channel data disrupts playback in

 If i do the same in the OSD menu "Playback Options" and starts scrolling
 up and down the playback is smooth as silk.

 I have found out that if i browse right(forward in time, by holding right
 arrowkey) it stutters until i reach the last program info (6 hours

 But if i browse left(backwards in time, by holding left arrowkey) it
 continues to stutter even when program info gets to the current time,
 still holding left arrow key.

 When i browse to the right most position the only thing that is fireing
 then is BrowseDispInfo() thats when the playback stops stuttering.

 When i get to the left most position even though there isn't anything more
 to fetch it still tries to fetch data from the backend and playback is

 Sorry for the poorly written bug report but I'm having a hard time
 formulating it.

 (Do teletext/dvb-subs supposed to work with this revision?)

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