[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8750: Passwords On Recording Groups Do Not Work - No Prompt Is Displayed

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Sun Aug 8 19:32:32 UTC 2010

#8750: Passwords On Recording Groups Do Not Work - No Prompt Is Displayed
 Reporter:  anonymous                   |            Type:  defect          
   Status:  new                         |        Priority:  minor           
Milestone:  unknown                     |       Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  0.23-fixes                  |        Severity:  medium          
 Keywords:  recording groups passwords  |   Ticket locked:  0               
 1. Create three recording groups.  Set Default Group Filter To Apply To
 Default (Setup-TV Settings-Playback-Page5)
 2. On the default recording group set a password and on another recording
 group set the same password.
 3. Exit to main menu.  Select Watching Recordings and Escape the password
 prompt.  No recordings will be displayed - as expected.
 4. Use the M key to Change Filter and select the recording group that does
 not have a password - recordings are displayed - correct.
 5. Use M again and choose the Default group and the recordings are
 displayed - no password prompt is displayed but the recordings are still
 displayed - recordings that should be protected by a password!

 If you keep pressing the M key choosing different recording groups the
 password prompt is not displayed in the majority of cases.

 Doing a search of trac and the groups also come up with this problem - not
 exactly the same as mine (but could be same problem) but definitely
 related by the looks of things. So I will add this to the ticket also -
 please do not forget my problem above though :)


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